About Us

I’ve founded the Ocean Sailing Club with 10 members who all have love and respect for nature and sailing, and for whom the sense of togetherness and freedom that sailing gives is very important. My family, who is always beside me, in all of my adventures, the round-the-world trip, the ocean crossings and the ocean racing. My friends, who helped me through everything and who assisted with the Club founding. The aim of the club is to take the prospect of sailing closer to people. We offer something for everyone. The beginner can learn to sail, the experienced can stretch further with us and race and for the lovers of touring, we can offer the adventure of the lifetime, sailing around beautiful oceans and beaches, discovering nature untouched. We believe sailing should be for everyone! Our members:

Istvan Meder vice president
Katalin Kover secretary
Boglarka Miggels translations
Fanni Herczeg
Istvan Kolozsvari-Kiss solicitor
Krisztian Kusper, Méder Regő, Méder Ella, Méder Örs, Aba Méder, Fazekas Attila and Méder-Sárközy Adrienn

Peace and Wind

Aron Meder

Regő and Aron are sailing in the Balaton…