Team building sailing on the Adriatic sea / Lake Balaton

Choose your companions carefully, you may have to eat them. W. C. Sellar

Team building sailing on the Adriatic sea / Lake Balaton

The recommended number of participants: 3-11 people, no sailing experience required. The recommended duration: 4hours / 1 day / 2-3-4days / 1week. The recommended season:from spring to autumn. The route: flexible, can be varied upon request. Depends on the duration and the weather.

What makes a such a trip team building? The company is forged to a true team by the co-lived extraordinary experiences: the beautiful sunsets, the stormy seas, starry nights, the jointly solved boat problems eventually havarias, and the management of possible stresses. Who never sailed could learn the basics, to gain insight into the sport. Skilled sailors can get new experiences. 25 years of sailing behind me I dare say, one of the most common and most efficient team building activities is sailing. At the same time it is a real relaxing sport, the because of the proximity and challenges of nature, and due to its unpredictability. We have to solve real problems, not artificial ones.

The team-building trip’s yacht: depending on the crew number, a 36-43 feet monohull sailing vessel, with 3-4 cabins, 1-2bathrooms, fully equipped kitchen, lounge and navigation desk.
For more information contact me on e-mail address or+36-20-273 84 23 telephone number.
4days Adriatic sailing routes:
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